Cybarlab is a website for computer programmer and professionals. It contains tutorials and free source code regarding programming. Cybarlab is working to build a library about programming knowledge. Like other traditional sites we didn’t provide unnecessary explanations that kill your valuable times.  Always we present a simple solution so that you can understand easily with a very short time. That’s why we’re a little bit different from other sites.
We have started our journey in December 14, 2012 with a free domain & hosting. Within a very short time we found good response. Many people’s like our strategy and provide some suggestions for better service. But due to free domain we can’t full fill their all requirements. That’s why we decide to move in own domain. In August 2013 we shifted into our own domain and start providing better solutions.
  About Me
rasadul alam
I’m Rashedul Alam, software engineer/architect, technical blogger, from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Computer Programming is my passion. I like to learn something new, apply those on work and love to share the experiences with others – hence the blog. I also enjoy contributing in different social & technical forum, blog, community. Beside technology I like to spend time with my family, traveling, cycling, and photography.
I decided to start this blog for a couple of reasons. To talk about things related to programming, software development, bug fixing, error handling, database management system, big data handling, reporting technology, carrier counseling, and so on. I spend lot of time to fix different problems & issues. By sharing my knowledge, I hope to save time and hassle for others. Maybe I’ll even get feedback on a better/easier way to do it.
I hope that you enjoy my blog. Feel free to contact me with your feedback and/or suggestions at rashed[at]