June 17, 2024

How to Improve Application Performance?

Performance is the vital factor for any web application. At first we need to understand all the factors that’s are related for performance. We must also understand the basic strategies that are used to increase the application performance.
As a professional  application developer it is mandatory to follow some to make the application more faster. This article provides a guideline to increase the application performance in asp.net.
ASP.NET Application Performance Improvement
If we follow some techniques we can easily improve our ASP.NET Application Performance. Some techniques that increase application performance are given bellow:


  • Reduce ASP.NET page size
  • Avoid view state
  • Use div instead of table
  • Avoid big name for ASP.NET server control and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) class tag
  • Remove unnecessary white space and CSS
  • Reduce number of HTTP request
  • Always try to use minimum number of image and consider their size
  • Combine two ore CSS and JavaScript file into one file
  • Use efficient cashing strategies
  • Set debug = false in web.config file
  • Avoid Response.Redirect
  • Use the String builder to concatenate two or more string into one
  • Avoid throwing exceptions
  • Use Finally Method to kill resources
  • Use Client Side Scripts for validations

That’s all about web application performance.

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