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How to use AngualrJS in ASP.NET?

We know AngularJS is an open source JavaScript framework for creating single page web applications. It follows the Model View Controller (MVC) design pattern. We can use it in our ASP.NET application. This article describes how to creating application with Angular.JS and ASP.NET? Before starting AngularJS we should have a basic understanding of: HTML CSS

What is AngularJS?

AngularJS or simply Angular is a JavaScript framework that makes the development of RIA internet applications easier. It is an extension to HTML with new attributes. It makes use of declarative programming for building UI. This article is an introduction to AngularJS. It describes the basic overview of AngularJS. Summary of the article: What is

What is Node.js?

In the field of web development the popularity of JavaScript is increasing day by day. Demand from the human side is also changing dramatically. The needs come to run the JavaScript on the server side. But we know JavaScript works only client side. Node.js comes to run the JavaScript on the server side. This article

Cross Tab Queries using PIVOT in SQL

Some times we need to convert row to column in SQL. We can do that by using basic SQL query. But most of the time it may complex. For that MS SQL Server provides a built-in mechanism,PIVOT. This article describes a simple way to use pivot in SQL query. Summary of the article: What is

Call ASP.NET web service via GET method

We know HTTP GET method is used to retrieve information from the server. Some times we need to use this GET method in ASP.NET web service. This article describes how to make an ASP.NET web service to accept GET requests? Or Enable ASP.NET ASMX web service for HTTP GET requests. Normally we call the method

How to create dynamic DataTable in C#?

In programs DataTable is used for various purposes. It is mainly used for storage. We can creates DataTables in different ways. This article describes how to add values dynamically in DataTable in C#. DataTable is a powerful technology or idea to store data in memory.  We can also use the data of DataTable in our

Difference between Interface and Abstract Class

Interface and abstract class are almost same. That’s why we may confused. But they are not same, have some difference. This article explains the difference between abstract and interface. Summary of the article: What is Abstract Class? What is Interface? Interface Vs Abstract Class What is Abstract Class? Abstract class is a class that contain

C# DataTable

DataTable is like a container that is used to store some things. It is a collection of rows and columns of data.This article explains how to use DataTable in C#? Summary of the article: What is DataTable? How to Add Data in a DataTable? How to Select Data From DataTable in C#? How to Convert

Abstract Class

Abstract class is used to obtain the common characteristics of subclasses. It’s contain complete and abstract (incomplete) both types of member and it cannot be instantiated. This article describes the introduction to abstract class in C#. Summary of the article: What is Abstract Class? Example of Abstract Class When to use Abstract Classe? Features of

HTTP Methods

HTTP is the basic protocol used by the World Wide Web or WWW. It describes how messages are formatted and transmitted, and what actions Web servers and Web browsers should take in response to various commands. HTTP uses some methods for communications. This article explains the methods used in HTTP. Summary of the article: What