May 23, 2024

What is Bootstrap?

Today world is going for responsive web development. For that may ways and technologies are using. Bootstrap is one of them. It is a framework used for responsive design. This article describes about the overview of bootstrap. Summary of the article:

  • What is Bootstrap?
  • History of Bootstrap
  • Why we should use Bootstrap?
  • How to add Bootstrap to Your Project?

What is Bootstrap?
Bootstrap is the most famous HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework for development of responsive web site. It is very simple and easy to work. Anyone can start with bootstrap with the basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

History of Bootstrap
Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton developed Bootstrap at Twitter. In August 2011 GitHub released it as open source product. At present GitHub developed and maintain Bootstrap.

Why we should use Bootstrap?
Over the last few years, Bootstrap is becoming more popular as front end development framework. Its features are rich. It provides lot of facilities. The advantages of bootstrap framework are given bellow:

  • It is very easy to start. That means anyone can get started with Bootstrap with HTML and CSS knowledge
  • Its reduce development time. It provides readymade blocks of code
  • It supports most of the web browser
  • It provides responsive web design. That means one site is adjusted for multiple devices (desktop, mobile, tab etc)
  • Good support is available with documentation, examples and demo
  • Developers can customize it according to the specification of the project

How to add Bootstrap to Your Project?
There are two ways of starting to use Bootstrap on our project or web site.

  1. We can download Bootstrap from All the instruction are available here
  2. We can also Include Bootstrap from a CDN suck MaxCDN

We can use bootstrap for cost effective development. That’s all about bootstrap.

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