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New Features in SQL Server 2012

Microsoft Corporation released SQL Server 2012 (codenamed “Denali”) on April 2012. Microsoft includes lot of new features and enhancements with SQL Server 2012 including a new look for SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). The SSMS is now similar to Visual Studio with greatly improved Intelligence support. This article describes what’s new in SQL Server 2012?

SQL Server Interview Questions and Answers

MS SQL Server is a computer programs that is primarily used to store and retrieve information. This article describes some important questions with answers in MS SQL Server. Hope it will help you to build successful carrier. What is MS SQL Server? Microsoft SQL Server or MS SQL Server or SQL Server or MSSQL is

Transactional Replication with Updatable Subscriptions

It is similar to the Transactional Replication that works with every transaction. It has some extra features. Here, both Publisher and Subscribers can update the existing data. It uses MSDTC to maintain the changes. It is so fast and its latency is low. This article explains how to configure Transactional Replication with Updatable Subscriptions in SQL

Transactional Replication in SQL Server

Transactional Replication works with every transaction. When any changes made at the Publisher end, it’s delivered it to the Subscriber almost in the real time. Except first snapshot, it only transfers the changes or updates. That’s why its latency is very low and it is faster. This article explains how to configure Transactional Replication in

Snapshot Replication in SQL Server

The simplest type of replication is snapshot replication. In snapshot the entire copy of the publisher is copied from the Publisher to the Subscriber’s. This article explains how to configure snapshot Replication in SQL Server 2008 R2? Before start we need to learn some prerequisite knowledge about SQL server replication and snapshot replication. Some key

Configuring Distributor

Distributor is the servers that manage the whole replication system. It act like a middle man for publisher and subscriber. This article explains how to setup a distribution in ms sql server? Before start we need some prerequisite knowledge about SQL Server Replication. If we have already configured the Distributor, first disable publishing and distribution

Cross Tab Queries using PIVOT in SQL

Some times we need to convert row to column in SQL. We can do that by using basic SQL query. But most of the time it may complex. For that MS SQL Server provides a built-in mechanism,PIVOT. This article describes a simple way to use pivot in SQL query. Summary of the article: What is

How to use Paging in SQL Queries?

Paging is one of the most important tasks when developers developed applications. This article describes how to use paging in SQL queries or How to select 5-10 records?. In SQL queries we can select first 1-10  records, 10-20 records, 20-30 records etc. Summery of the article: SQL ROW_NUMBER() Function Paging using Sub Queries Paging using

MS SQL Server

MS SQL Server is a computer application that is primarily used to store and retrieve data. This program is developed by Microsoft Corporation. At present most of the developing applications are data related. MS SQL Server is playing a good role. This article express basic overview of MS SQL Server. Summary of the article: MS

Difference Between Primary Key and Unique Key

In relational database system primary key and unique key are two important concepts. Both are used to uniquely identify a row in a table. Though both can identify a row uniquely but there is some difference between them. This article explains a comparison between primary key and unique key. Summary of the article: What is