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Difference Between Primary Key and Unique Key

In relational database system primary key and unique key are two important concepts. Both are used to uniquely identify a row in a table. Though both can identify a row uniquely but there is some difference between them. This article explains a comparison between primary key and unique key. Summary of the article: What is

How to make a Great Primary Key?

The primary key is in important factor for any relational database. It plays a vital role. It has numerous functionalities. On a table we can create a primary key in different ways. But it is very important to choose an appropriate primary key. This article describes about the primary key and how to make a

Standard Naming Conventions for Database Design

Naming Conventions is an important factors for any type of database design. It’s benefits are high. It makes a simple database generic for others. This article describes what standard should we follow when naming database, database naming standards. Summary of the article: What is Naming Convention for Database? Standard Naming Convention for Tables Standard Naming

SQL Views

In SQL, a View is a virtual table that is generated based on a SQL statement. It has no own data, but it returns data from others table. This article describes about SQL views or creation of SQL views. Summary of the article: What is SQL View? How to create SQL View? How to Drop

Oracle Database

Oracle is a database management application or software. At present It is the leading RDBMS vendor worldwide. Currently nearly half of RDBMS worldwide market is owned by Oracle.This article is introduction  to oracle database and describes the basic overview of Oracle. Summary of the article: What is Oracle? History of Oracle Oracle Database Version History

SQL Join

In a relational database, SQL join is a very important feature. SQL Joins are used to get data from other tables. It is a part of SQL query that retrieves rows from two or more tables. This article describes about SQL joins and what are the types of join in SQL. Summary of the article:

What is Database Schema?

The database schema is the logical view of the entire database. It is a set of database objects (tables, views, functions etc.). This article describes about the database schema and the creation of a database schema. Summary of the article: What is a Database Schema? How to create a Database Schema? What is a Database

What is Database Object?

The database objects are the core component for any database system. This help use to store and retrieve data easily. This article describes about basic overview of Database Object . Summary of the article: What is Database Object? What are the Types of Database Object? What is Database Object? A database object in a relational database

Relational Database Management System or RDBMS

Relational Database Management System is computer software/program that is developed based on relational model. At present most modern commercial and open-source database systems are using RDMS. This article explains what a RDBMS is? It also describes the basic overview of RDBMS. What is Relational Database Management System (RDMS)? Examples of RDMS What is Relational Database

Database Management System or DBMS

DBMS is the process to store and retrieve information. This article describes about the basic overview of  DBMS or Database Management System. Summary of the article: What is Database? What is Database Management System or DBMS? What is Database? The word database has comes from two words data-means information and Base-means gathering.So database means gathering