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Update One Table with Another Table

Sometimes we need to update the data of one table with the data from another table in SQL. It can be done in different ways. We can use stored procedure, single SQL update statement or else. This article explains how to update one table by another table in SQL query. Summary of the article: Table

Error Handling or Exception Handling in SQL Server

Error handling or exception handling is the most vital part of any software development. Generally we are not interested to show any type of application error to end user. Error logs are very important for collecting all types of error data generated by an application. It is more useful during an early or beta release

Standard Naming Conventions for Database Design

Naming Conventions is an important factors for any type of database design. It’s benefits are high. It makes a simple database generic for others. This article describes what standard should we follow when naming database, database naming standards. Summary of the article: What is Naming Convention for Database? Standard Naming Convention for Tables Standard Naming

Data Types in SQL Server

The data type is an attribute that defines the type of data that the object can hold. During table creation we have to decide what types of data will be stored inside each and every column. SQL Server provides a set of system data types that define all the types of data that can be

SQL Views

In SQL, a View is a virtual table that is generated based on a SQL statement. It has no own data, but it returns data from others table. This article describes about SQL views or creation of SQL views. Summary of the article: What is SQL View? How to create SQL View? How to Drop

Random Number in SQL

In programming random number is very popular and it is frequently used for different purpose. We can creates random number in different ways: we can use programming language, SQL queries, etc. Most of the famous programming language has some built-in mechanism to handle random number.  This article explains how to creates random number in SQL?

What are the Difference between SQL Server Replication and Mirroring?

SQL server replication and database mirroring is used copy data into different server or location. Anybody can confused with them. Both have some difference. This article describes some difference between SQL server replication and SQL Server database mirroring . Replication VS Mirroring The difference between SQL server replication and database mirroring: Replication Subscriber/ Replicated Database

Oracle Database

Oracle is a database management application or software. At present It is the leading RDBMS vendor worldwide. Currently nearly half of RDBMS worldwide market is owned by Oracle.This article is introduction  to oracle database and describes the basic overview of Oracle. Summary of the article: What is Oracle? History of Oracle Oracle Database Version History

Database Cursor

A cursor is a database object that enables traversal over the records in a database on a row by row basis. This article describes the basic overview of SQL cursor. Summary of the article: What is SQL Cursor? Cursor Format or Example of SQL Cursor Output of a Cursor Cursor Optimization Tips What is SQL

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