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What is Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)?

Cross-site scripting is a security violation that is normally found in the web applications. It is one of the most frequent application layer web attacks. Many web developers aren’t completely clear on what the term means. This article describes cross-site scripting security issues, how to prevent it. Smarmy of the article: What is Cross-site Scripting?

Assembly in .NET application

In the Microsoft .Net Framework, Assemblies are the compiled code. They are created as an output of a program. The CLR (Common Language Runtime) uses these assemblies and convert into machine language during the execution of that program. This article is an introduction to .NET assemblies and explain how to create .Net assemblies? Summary of

What is Server?

In information technology, a server is a computer or device or computer program that provides services to other computer/device/programs within the network. It manages the network resources and provides multiprocessing facility. This article describes a overview of server. Summary of the article: What is a server? Types of Server What is a server? Server is

How to create a DLL file in Visual Studio

The .dll is a portable executable (PE) file format. It helps us to reuse the same code in many applications simultaneously. Many development tools or IDE (Integrated Development Environment) supports dll creations. This article describes how to create a C# class library, step by step dll creations. Summary of the article: What is DLL file?

Difference between Managed Code and Unmanaged Code

Managed Code and Unmanaged Code are very important in .NET technologies. This article describes the difference between Managed Code and Unmanaged Code or Managed Code VS Unmanaged Code. Managed Code Managed codes are not directly converted to machine language. After compiled all the codes are converted to an intermediate language MSIL (Microsoft Intermediate Language). CLR

Globalization and Localization in ASP.NET

Sometimes we need to design our website or web application in such a way that different people of different language and culture can read it. We can do it to design our website or web application in each language. But this is time consuming, costly, and difficult to manage. Globalization and Localization of ASP.NET can

Standard Naming Convention for ASP.NET and C#

For any programming language standard naming system is very import. It makes a complex system easy for others. This article describes some Standard Naming Convention. Summary of the article: Standard Naming Convention in ASP.NET and C# Types of Naming Convention What is Camel Case? What is Pascal Case? What is Underscode Prefix? What is Hungarian

Call SSRS Report in ASP.NET Project

We know SQL Server Reporting Services or SSRS is a server based reporting system. Like other reporting system (Crystal Report or rdlc) we do not need to design UI. It has built in mechanism to automatically generate some input related UI like Calendar, DropDownList, Input TextBox etc based on reports parameter. We can easily call a

How to Improve Application Performance?

Performance is the vital factor for any web application. At first we need to understand all the factors that’s are related for performance. We must also understand the basic strategies that are used to increase the application performance. As a professional¬† application developer it is mandatory to follow some to make the application more faster.

Web Browser Name in C#

It is very important to track every visitor of a Web site or Web applications. During tracking some common elements are visitors IP address, MAC address, OS, Web browser details, etc. This article explains how to get browser details ASP.NET C#? Summary of the article: What is Web Browser? Why we should collect Web Browser