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How to pass parameter in rdlc report?

The .rdlc is a report format developed by Microsoft Corporation. The RDLC offer different types of report. This article describes how to pass parameter in rdlc report in C#? Summary of the article: Design the RDLC Report Add Parameter to the rdlc Report Pass Parameter to the RDLC Report Design the RDLC Report At first

How to Create RDLC Report?

Microsoft Visual Studio offer rdlc reports. With the help of Visual Studio we can easily developed any types of intellectual, analytical reports. This article describes how we can creates rdlc report in asp.net c#? Summary of the article: Create a ASP.NET Web Application Project. Adding a Connection String Adding a Data Set Creation of RDLC

What is RDLC File?

The .rdlc is the format of a report file used by the Microsoft reporting system. Mainly Microsoft Visual Studio creates this rdlc file extension that contain report definitions. This article describes about the basic over view of RDLC file and the difference between .rdl and .rdlc files. Summary of the article: What is RDLC? .rdl