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CRUD operations in AngularJS and Web API

AngularJS is one of the most popular client-side JavaScript frameworks on the web. It helps us to create Single-Page Application (SPA) using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It provides MVC structure for developing SPA applications. ASP.NET Web API is a good choice for providing data for these types of applications. This article explains how to perform

Create Web API in Code First Model

ASP.NET Web API is a framework that is used to create HTTP related services. Web API is open source and platform or device independent. Traditional web services are SOAP based, but web API is non SOAP based. It helps us to transfer data with a limited internet bandwidth. This article explains how to create web

What is Web API?

WebAPI or Web API is the application programming interface (API) for both the web server and web browser. It provides theories, procedures and protocols to help the communication between different computer software’s. This article describes basic overview of ASP.NET web api, when to use asp.net web api, advantage of asp.net web. Summary of the article: