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Object Oriented Analysis (OOA)

Object Oriented (OO) techniques can be applied in the phases of software life cycle (analysis, design, implementation, etc). This article describes about object oriented analysis, how to use OOA in software development? Summary of the article: What is Structural Analysis? What is Object Oriented Analysis (OOA)? Functionalities’ of OOA Advantages of OOA Structured Analysis VS

Difference Between Git and GitHub

Lot of software’s are available to handle the changes of computer files including documents and computer programs or source codes to make sure the system runs smoothly and efficiently. This software or system which keeps tracks on the changes to a file or multiple files is called “version control”. At present the software development becomes

What is UML?

In the field of Software Engineering, the UML or Unified Modeling Language is a standardized modeling language that contains a set of integrated diagrams, provides a standard way to visualize the design of a software system. It helps the software developers for specifying, visualizing, constructing, and documenting the artifacts of software systems. The UML is

Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD)

Object Oriented (OO) concepts can be applied in the phases of software development life cycle (analysis, design, and implementation). It is very important to understand the OO analysis and design concepts. This article explains basic overview of object-oriented analysis and design, benefits of OOAD. Summary of the article: What is Traditional Systems Analysis and Design?

Test Driven Development (TDD)

Test driven development is an advanced technique that uses unit tests to drive the design of software. It is a technique for building software that guides software development by writing tests. This article explain an introduction to Test-driven Development. Summary of the article: What is Test Driven Development (TDD)? History of TDD TDD Life Cycle

Domain Driven Design (DDD)

Domain Driven Design or DDD is a software development technique. This article explains about the basic overview of Domain Driven Design (DDD), some key features of DDD. Summary of the article: What is Domain-Driven Design (DDD)? History of DDD How do we do DDD? What is Domain-Driven Design (DDD)? Domain Driven Design or Domain Driven Development

Design Pattern Interview Questions and Answers

Design pattern is a guideline to find a solution for commonly occurring problems. Now a day’s design pattern and software design questions are essential part of any programming interview, especially for mid to senior level programming jobs. Day by day it is becoming more popular. This article describes some important questions and answers in

Design Patterns

In software engineering, design pattern is a written document that describes a general solution to a design problem that occurs repeatedly in many projects. Software developers use this pattern in their applications. This article provides a beginner guide design pattern and explain why design patterns are important? Summary of the article: What is Design Patterns?

What is Scrum?

Scrum is lightweight agile software development methodologies. Scrum is mainly used for software development, but it works well for any complex, innovative scope of work. It describes an iterative and incremental approach for project work. This article explains an introduction to Scrum. Summary of the article: What is Scrum? Scrum Roles Scrum Sprint Scrum Meetings

Agile Software Development

Agile is as software development methodology. Where requirements are segregated into small portion and provide the solutions of each portion within a short time. Its main focus is on customer satisfactions. This article presents a basic introduction to Agile software development methodologies and explains how to apply Agile?. Table of contents: What is Agile? Agile