May 23, 2024

Database Management System or DBMS

DBMS is the process to store and retrieve information. This article describes about the basic overview of  DBMS or Database Management System. Summary of the article:

  • What is Database?
  • What is Database Management System or DBMS?

What is Database?
The word database has comes from two words data-means information and Base-means gathering.So database means gathering of information. Database means to store information in an efficient way so that it can be controlled by others process. Mainly it is using form the 60th century. During that time each database had only one table. But now each database has so many tables.

What is Database Management System or DBMS?
Database Management System or DBMS is a process to store data into database and retrieve data from that database according to requirements. DBMS is a collection of programs that enables user to store, retrieve, update and delete information from a database.

That’s all about DBMS.

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