July 15, 2024

Design Patterns

In software engineering, design pattern is a written document that describes a general solution to a design problem that occurs repeatedly in many projects. Software developers use this pattern in their applications. This article provides a beginner guide design pattern and explain why design patterns are important? Summary of the article:

  • What is Design Patterns?
  • Types of Design Patterns
  • Advantages of Design Patterns
Model View Controller MVC

What is Design Patterns?
In software engineering, design pattern or simply pattern is a universal reusable solution for a commonly occurring problem in software design. It is not a finished task that can be converted into codes directly. It is a template or description for how to solve a problem that can be used in different circumstances/situations. In Object Oriented Programming (OOP) it describes the relationship and interaction between classes or objects.

Types of Design Patterns
Design Patterns can be organized in four pattern groups depending on the nature of the design problem they intend to solve.

  1. Gang of Four (GoF) Patterns
  2. Enterprise Patterns
  3. SOA and Messaging Patterns
  4. Model-View Patterns

Advantages of Design Patterns
Design Patterns have the following main advantages in software engineering:

  • It provides solution to common problems which occur in software design
  • It provides common platform for developers means developer can implement these in any language
  • It provides a standard terminology and is specific to particular scenario

Design patterns are now essential part of programming, whatever you are using java or C#. It provides great advantages and makes our development easy. We should learn and practice design pattern in our development.

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