May 23, 2024

Difference between a software architect and a software engineer

Software Architect and Software Engineer are different roles. But this two roles collaborate closely to make right software solutions for the business needs. Some key points abut software architect vs software engineer are given bellow

Software architect
A software architect creates a blue print of the software that we want to create.  Software architect is responsible for analyzing and understanding client requirements. When a client wants to make a software, at first meet with the software architect. After analyzing the client requirements, with the help of specific tools & methodologies, software architect creates representation of the desired product and writes the product specifications that will guide the software engineer. Next, designs are forwarded to the development team. When the work is completed, software architect check if software meets client requirement.

Software engineer
A Software engineer executes a plan or blue print that is created by a software architect. Software engineer reads the plan or design and implements based on the appropriate tools & technology to the plan. There works start after receiving the brief from the software architect. They are responsible mainly for the codding and creation of the software. They can understand requirements, reads high level design, creates low level design, perform unit testing

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