May 23, 2024

Difference between AngularJS and jQuery

Both jQuery and AngularJS is based on JavaScript and used to design rich internet applications. But they are not all most same. Some difference is exist.  This article describes about the advantages of using AngularJS over JQuery; Why use AngularJS instead of jQuery?

AngularJS is a framework while jQuery is a library. Consider like that AngularJS as a toolbox and jQuery as just a tool. We can’t build a something meaningful using one tool. But we can develop any complex thing using a toolbox.

Another way, AngularJS is a framework for single page application. JQuery is a set of methods which enable us to do something faster.

AngularJS provides a lot of features that we don’t get with using jQuery.

  • Two ways data-binding
  • MVC pattern
  • Static template and angular template
  • Custom directive
  • REST full services
  • Form validations
  • Both client and server communication
  • Dependency injection
  • Per-defined form validations
  • Animations
  • Full testing environment
  • Deep-Linking

We can use jQuery library with AngularJS framework to build good and complex applications

For better result we should choose the appropriate technology. That’s all about JQuery VS AngularJS.

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