Difference between Website and Web application

Web applications and web sites are not exactly same. There exists some differences. This article describes a comparison between web application and web site.

Web Application VS Web Site
Website and web application has some differences and are given bellow:
Web site

  • Its primary role is to inform. We can say a website is informational
  • Not all web sites are web applications
  • In general sense websites are static
  • Websites are built using HTML, CSS, and small portion of JavaScript
  • No programming language is required
  • No database is required
  • Example: cnn.com

Web Application

  • Its primary role is to do something. We can say a web application is interactive
  • All web applications are web site
  • Web applications are dynamic
  • Web applications are built using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, Programming Language (PHP, ASP, and Ajax etc)
  • Programming language is required
  • Most of the time database is required
  • Example: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Paypal


That’s all about website vs web application.


  1. By Shosoma Roy


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