May 23, 2024

The founder of Cybarlab

Rashedul Alam founder of cybarlab
Rashedul Alam

Rashedul Alam is a Bangladeshi software engineer, technology enthusiast, technology coach, travel photographer, video creator, and blogger. He was born in Narayanganj district. After completing his studies in computer engineering, he worked in various domestic and foreign software companies. Mr. Rashedul Alam is the founder of and Chief Content Editor.

Rashedul Alam in Information Technology

Computer programming is Rashedul Alam’s passion. He likes to learn something new, apply those on work and love to share the experiences with others – hence the web site. He writes regularly on his own blog As an author he wrote 250+ articles on various topics like: software development, architecture, programming, development tools, database, performance, security etc. Mr. Alam also enjoy contributing in different social & technical forum, blog, community.

Rashedul Alam is an independent contractor. Beside knowledge sharing, he also provides some commercial services. If you need any of the following services and want to hire him, just knock him.

  • Software Development
  • Database Design & Performance Tuning
  • Web design & Development
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Domain Registration
  • IT Consultancy
  • Travel Consultancy

Travel Photographer Rashedul Alam

Although Rashedul Alam works in information technology, he likes to travel a lot. He goes out whenever he has free time. He has traveled to almost all the districts of Bangladesh. Apart from his own country, he has traveled to Bhutan and various provinces of India. If Allah allows him, he wants to travel the whole world. All his tours are planned and budgeted by himself. He travels alone or in groups without taking the help of any kind of travel agency to save costs. Mr. Alam shares his travel experiences on his travel blog,, to benefit others.

Rashedul took a lot of pictures during his travels. Taking pictures is a great hobby of his. When he finds something beautiful, he takes a picture of it.

Google Local Guides Rashedul Alam

Rashedul Alam is a Google Local Guide. As an active volunteer, he is constantly working on the development of Google Maps. He regularly updates various establishments, landmarks, roads, and pictures on Google Maps. You can see what he has posted on Google Maps in his Maps profile. He is a member of the Bangladesh Local Guide Community. Besides, he shares his experiences, stories, and suggestions on various topics in the official community of Local Guides, Local Guides Connect. Visit his Connect profile to read all his posts on Connect.

Contact With The Founder

If you have any suggestions, opinions or want to contact with the founder of cybarlab, please email: rashed464[at] He responds to every email. Mr. Rashedul Alam is also available in social media.

Stay tuned to know Rashedul Alam’s thoughts on information technology and travel.