June 17, 2024

Index Optimization Tips

This article describes how to optimization indexes in table? Summary of the article:

  • What is Index Optimization?
  • Index Optimization Tips

What is Index Optimization?
Index Optimization is the process to optimize the table indexes in such a way that it increases the table performance.

Index Optimization Tips
Some time we create indexing in our tables. But we don’t consider about its performance. If we follow some tips then our indexing will be more efficient. Some important index optimization tips are :

  • Keep your indexes as narrow as possible.Use maximum 4-5 indexes on one table, not more. This reduces the size of the index and reduces the number of reads required to read the index
  • Create indexes on columns that have integer values rather than character values
  • For composite (multi-column) index order the most selective columns to the left most of the key
  • If you want to join several tables, try to create surrogate integer keys for this purpose and create indexes on their columns.
  • Try to create Cluster

That’s all about index optimization.

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