May 23, 2024


Microservices are the smartest software development techniques. Let’s discuss some important points about Microservice architecture. Summary of the article:

  • What is monolithic architecture?
  • What is Microservices architecture?
  • Why we need Microservices architecture?
  • Drawbacks of Microservices Architecture
  • Difference between monolith & Microservices architecture.

What is monolithic architecture?
In monolith architecture all the modules & features (data input, data output, error handling, user interface, process management, etc.) are developed as a single unit or system. After development, the whole system is deployed in a single server. For any single change, we need to deploy a new version of the applications.

What is Microservices architecture?
In Microservices architecture, the application or system is segregated into some small components or units. Each component is developed independently and attached with the main system as like plugin. The development tools or technology of each component may differ or same. Components are connected with each other by API. Microservices brings a new trend to the distributed application development system.

Why we need Microservices?
Microservices are very important to keep pace with modern and future technology. This system comes due to some problems in monolithic architecture. Let’s discuss some advantages of Microservices.

  • It is very easy to developed, update and maintain.
  • We can deploy different component in different server. So we can assign different hardware for different component if required.
  • We can use different tools & technology for different component. Programming language, database can be differ.
  • Each component is relatively small, that’s why less code, less size. Anybody can easily understand it. Run very fast, IDE loading time is less. Dependable libraries are less for each component. Server maintenance is very easy.

Drawbacks of Microservices Architecture
Microservices are great, and many companies have seen amazing results, there are some challenges. One must consider before moving forward.

  • Microservices are more complex.
  • It require cultural changes.
  • They are more expensive.
  • Microservices has security challenges.

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