July 15, 2024

Connect Database Server using Server Explorer

Microsoft Visual Studio allows us to connect database server. This article describes how to connect database server with Server Explorer; access database with Server Explorer. Summary of the article:

  • What is Server Explorer/Database Explorer?
  • Connect Database Server in Visual Studio Server Explorer

What is Server Explorer/Database Explorer?
Server Explorer or Database Explorer is the server management console for Microsoft Visual Studio. This window is used to open data connections and to log on to servers and explore their databases and system services.  In the Microsoft Visual Studio Express products this window is named as Database Explorer. In all other Visual Studio versions this window is named Server Explorer.
To access Server Explorer or Database Explorer select Server Explorer or Database Explorer on the View menu. To close this window when it is not used we can use Hide on the Window menu.
This window has two primary nodes.

  1. Data Connections- This is used to connect different database running on UNIX or Windows.
  2. Servers- It shows the server currently available. It is not available in some editions of Visual Studio.
Visual Studio Server Explorer

Connect Database Server in Visual Studio Server Explorer
The steps to connect database:

Step 1
From the View menu select Server Explorer.

Step 2
Write click on Data Connections node and click Add Connection.. Add Connection window will be open.

Ad connection window

Step 3
In Data source: select Microsoft SQL Server to connect MS SQL Server. If we want to connect different database then we need to choose others. For example like oracle choose Oracle Database.

Step 4
In Server name: Provide your Database Server name or IP.

Step 5
In Log on to the server: Select Use SQL Server Authentication and provide the user name and password of the Database Server. For Windows Authentications you need to select Use Windows Authentication.

Step 6
In Connect to a database: Select your database and click Test Connection. If every thing is OK “Test connection succeeded “message will be displayed.

Ad connection2

Step 7
Click OK.

Our Database is now connected. We can now access all the database objects from Solution Explorer. We can drag items from Server Explorer onto Visual Studio designers. Any modification will be synchronized with the main database server.

Visual Studio Server Explorer

In this way we can connect to the database and access using Server Explorer. That’s all about Microsoft Server Explorer.

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