June 17, 2024

Web Application

A web application is a computer program that runs in a web browser. It communicates with the user via HTTP. This type applications are developed by different web technologies. Web applications support cross platform compatibility. This article explains an introduction to web application and describes its advantages and disadvantages. Summary:

  • What is Web Application?
  • Advantages of Web Applications
  • Disadvantages of Web Applications

What is Web Application?
A Web application or Web app is a software or application program that is stored on a remote server and delivered through the Internet or other network using a web browser. It is created by using browser supported programming language (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, ASP etc). Someone may confuse on web application and website. Both have some differences. An image of a social networking application is given bellow:

Web Application

Advantages of Web Applications
Web applications have several advantages over desktop applications. Some advantages of web applications are given bellow:

  • It requires no installation for the users
  • It is accessible from wherever
  • All time all users of the web application use the latest version
  • It requires no piracy
  • It is platform independent.
  • Its support and maintenance are easy
  • It reduce maintenance cost
  • Its security is high
  • No disk space is required for the user
  • It can be accessible from the mobile or tablet devices

Disadvantages of Web Applications
Web applications have some disadvantages also. Some disadvantages of web applications are given bellow:

  • It is slower than desktop application
  • Its speed is depend on internet speed
  • It has security risk
  • Its availability totally depend on network availability (internet, LAN)
  • Its interfaces often not as sophisticated
  • Some time it can take longer to develop for more complex application
  • During development time need to consider different device, browsers and its versions

Though web application has security issues we can overcome it. We can also increase its performance and speed. During the development time we should consider the security and performance factors.

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