April 13, 2024

What is Web Page?

A Web site is a combination of some HTML documents. Each HTML document is a Web page. A Web site can have one or more Web pages. Each page is identified by a unique address or URL. This article describes an introduction to Web page, basic overview of web page. Summary:

  • What is a Web Page?
  • History of Web Page
  • Types of Web Page
  • How do Web Pages Work?
  • Web Page Content
  • How to Create a Web Page?
  • Difference Between Webpage and Website

What is a Web Page?
A web page or webpage is an electronic document commonly written in Markup Language (HTML) that is accessible through the Internet or other network using a web browser. It is also called web document. Every web page is accessed by entering a URL addresses. A web page may contain text, graphics, sound, video, and hyperlinks to other web pages and files.  The document you are now reading is an example of a web page. An sample image of contact webpage of cybarlab.com is given bellow:

contact us page

History of Web Page
In 1991 Tim Berners-Lee creates the first web page at CERN.

Types of Web Page
Web pages can either static or dynamic. The content of static pages remains same each time they are viewed. The contents of dynamic page are changed based on condition each time they are accessed. The static page is faster than dynamic page.

How do Web Pages Work?
The web page contents are hosted on a server. All the information’s are displayed with the help of web browser.

Web Page Content
Multiple types of information can be preset on the web page. Based on behavior we can divide them into two main groups: visible information and hidden information. Visible information’s are visible to the web site visitor. The visible information on web pages includes text, graphics, sound, video etc. Hidden information’s are hidden from the visitor’s eye. The hidden information on web pages includes metadata, comments, charset details, CSS visual specifications, scripts (JavaScript, Ajax).

How to Create a Web Page?
There are several ways to create a web page. The most common way is using HTML, CSS.  This type of pages is very faster and not more interactive. By using programming and scripting language (JavaScript, PHP, ASP etc) we can also creates web pages. These types of web pages are very interactive. But they are comparatively slower than first one.

Difference Between Webpage and Website
Someone may confuse on Web page and Web site. Both are not same. A Web page is a single HTML document. A web site is a combination of one or more Web pages. The size of a Web page is smaller. But the size of a Web site is larger than a web page.

A Web page is the primary element of a Web site or Web applications. This is the hart of any website/web application. We can’t imagine a website without webpage. A good webpage can makes a website ideal.

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